Process and method consultation
We make your organisation more effective with process, method and tool consulting

IT & E/E
We advise and support you in the development and introduction of innovative and operationally feasible process solutions in IT and systems engineering along the development and life cycle of vehicles. Our approach includes process analysis, improvement, modelling (e.g. BPMN), automation and auditing (CMMI 2.0, AutomotiveSPICE, ISO 26262, IATF 16949, IEC 61508, ISO 9001, ISO 15504, ISO 15288).

Agile methods
We are your partner when it comes to introducing agile methods into vehicle development. We have many years of practical experience from the field of software and system development and we bring your staff up to speed with training and coaching.

Safety & Security 
Our consulting ensures the development and management of all functional safety processes and artefacts in line with ISO 26262. We go through the decisive points (reviews, audits, assessments, creation of safety concepts and plans, moderation and implementation of safety-related analyses, fulfilment of the safety case, and training for functional safety standards) together.

Systems Engineering 2.0
Make the most of our comprehensive knowledge of model-based systems development in conjunction with the latest methods, tools and languages. We advise and support you in introducing systems engineering 2.0 throughout the entire E/E development process. 

Change management
When it comes to implementing new processes (e.g. business processes, workflows), work and organisational structures (e.g. roles, responsibilities, interfaces), IT systems and tools, as well as patterns of behaviour (e.g. company culture, mindset, coordinating co-operation), we advise our customers with our strength in conceptualisation and execution. We take a proactive role in roll-outs through communication, mobilisation, empowerment and acceptance assurance measures. Changes to your existing process and tool landscapes will be anchored, long term, in your organisation.


Safety & Security

Functional Security
Processes and methods of functional security form the structure of your security-oriented product development. We support you in analysing your security processes (e.g. in accordance with ISO 26262) and artefacts, and in adapting them to your engineering procedure. Along with your partner SGS-TÜV Saar, we help you to certify your security process (e.g. with the title ASIL D Ready).


Safety of the Intended Function
State-of-the-art processes and methods in the safety of the intended function make it possible for you to safely design your vehicle functions, in compliance with the required SAE Automation Levels, according to NTHSA. We are your partner, with whom you expand your development lifecycle, using procedures that will enable you and your clients to have a product with transparent safety of the intended function. 


Automotive security is an integral part of modern vehicles, specifically regarding highly automated driving. From the communications of the vehicles with other vehicles, as well as with the infrastructure (Car2X), to the outsources vehicle functions in the Cloud, it is necessary to establish processes that will allow effective and efficient detection and mitigation of threat scenarios. We offer you support during the set up and implementation of development processes, which include defence strategies against hacker attacks or similar threat scenarios. 

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