systems engineering 2.0
A turbo boost for your vehicle development

The best proof of our competence in MBSE is that ever more customers want to take advantage of it. Our comprehensive expertise in model-based systems engineering can now be systematically deployed in your department, and builds on both classical and agile methods via best-practice guidelines.

  • Early validation of requirements via simulation
  • Automated code generation from the model
  • Automated test-case generation
  • Evaluation and design of tool chains
  • Advice on the development of company-specific modelling guidelines, and support with the introduction of MBSE into your development process
  • Best practices for model-based implementation of safety and security requirements
Our expertise
Your value

Make the most of our many years of experience and extensive industry knowledge to master E/E systems, regardless of their complexity. Our knowledge transfer ensures consistency in terms of methods, tools and programming languages along the vehicle development process and brings transparency to functional safety and security.

  • Master faster development cycles
  • Complete specifications, verification and validation of complex systems at the system model stage
  • Efficiency gains through automation
  • Consistent data backbone throughout the development process 
  • Clear requirements for the supplier interface