Entire vehicle development
Together, we can set free the forces of innovation

If you want to achieve more capacity for new developments in vehicle design, the ESG MOBILITY will be your reliable and skilled port of call: With experienced project managers and an independent team, we will execute all phases of a development model, effect modifications, create the necessary processes, observe functional, technical and legal requirements, control the necessary developments and suppliers, and integrate and test right up to final acceptance and the start of series production.

  • Project management and control with own development team
  • Definition and analysis of requirements (functional, technical, legal)
  • Architectural development and adaptation
  • Change management
  • Supplier management
  • Software release management
  • Integration and test management
  • Support for plant and plant start-up
Expertise and empathy
Our basis for harmonious cooperation

As a connoisseur of a wide range of players in the industry, we know how to combine expertise and empathy. On an organisational level, we can adapt to your structures and thus ensure that everything runs smoothly, and with harmonious cooperation right through to the desired outcome.

  • Central point of contact
  • Definition of market-relevant E/E features and authorisation criteria
  • Design, specification and adaptation of the network topology and bus communication
  • Tracking and traceability of necessary changes
  • Control of suppliers and of software and hardware releases
  • Integration and coverage of all features
  • Examination of criteria for authorisation and type approval in Europe, China and North America
  • Smooth integration into existing production process