Automotive SPICE
For partnerships based on plans and industry standards

The international industry standard Automotive SPICE specifies clear priorities and assessment criteria for the development of software solutions. ESG MOBILITY has been realising these in conjunction with the automotive industry for many years. As such, we are in an ideal position to assess the process maturity of your software suppliers and to take it to an internationally recognised level with our practical support.

  • Support in selecting inspection objectives
  • Preliminary analysis on your side
  • Support in convincing the supplier
  • Implementation of the process analysis at the supplier 
  • Presentation of results to the supplier
  • Workshop at supplier if changes are needed
  • Drawing up a roadmap for changes for the supplier
  • Coordination of the roadmap with the supplier
  • Detailed planning and adoption of the change initiative with the supplier
  • Presentation and evaluation of the results to you
  • Monitoring of changes by the supplier 
  • Regular reporting to you
Our support
Your value

With our many years of experience in the practical implementation of software development, we work closely with your supplier to ensure industry standards are met. You benefit from consistent process maturity, security in terms of functional safety and precise support when it comes to the development of complex E/E systems.

  • Develop faster with reduced error rates
  • Reliable partners and components
  • Fewer defects on the market 
  • Reliably meet deadlines 
  • A partnership without secrecy 
  • Master increasing complexity
  • A calmer approach to functional safety 
  • Better produces thanks to more mature processes