agile development
The simplification of complex projects

Agile methods like Scrum help to structure the complex development process – from the definition of requirements to market-readiness – into manageable units, and offer three basic advantages:

  • Transparency which motivates: Progress in and obstacles to a project are visibly displayed for everyone to see on a regular basis.
  • Verifiable quality: Project results and functionalities are delivered and evaluated on a regular basis.
  • Dynamic flexibility: Requirements for the product, plans and procedures are not set in stone for once and for all, but are instead tweaked continually and in fine detail.

Agile methods originally come from the field of software development, but are successfully utilised today in vehicle development. ESG MOBILITY has been working in both these areas for over 20 years. Use our synergetic expertise to achieve efficient and effective agility in your development processes.

  • Introduction of agile methods
  • Training in agile methods
  • Support for practical implementation
Our synergies
Your value

Software development expertise meets mobility experience; project management skills meet quality standards: ESG MOBILITY’s DNA combines all the requisites for achieving a more agile structure for your development processes.

  • Develop expertise
  • Increase quality and efficiency 
  • Get (partial) results quicker
  • Increase staff satisfaction