eMobility charging
Intelligent charging solutions in accordance with ISO 15118

As electric mobility continues to advance, the need for intelligent, customer-friendly charging systems grows. ESG MOBILITY develops advanced charging functions in line with ISO 15118 and facilitates integration of the charging system into the vehicle. In addition to design for public services, we are also developing connection of the vehicle to HEMS.

  • Design of E/E architecture
  • Implementation of ISO 15118
  • Drawing up system performance specifications
  • Machine learning techniques: evaluation and design
  • Processor load optimisation
  • Creation of a software module
  • Integration of the software / charging system into the vehicle
  • Automated test case generation
  • Test automation and implementation
Pooled expertise
Experience service

Thanks to our know-how in the fields of project management, requirements, software, testing, agile software development with continuous integration and test automation, our team brings together a wide range of fields of expertise. This means that we can provide you with the best service to reach your goals throughout the entire process.

  • Valuable functions that are ready for series production
  • Making fast, reliable statements about charging behaviour
  • Agile further development of the function in question
  • Increased service life of the electric vehicles
  • Less expensive eMobility for the customer
  • Provision of a tamper-proof process for refuelling (as a mobility operator)