Electrifying combustion

Electric mobility represents an interesting future market for manufacturers. Established concepts do not need to lose their value as a result, however. Thanks to its early exploration of eMobility, ESG MOBILITY has a great level of expertise when it comes to adapting existing E/E concepts involving combustion engines to electric vehicles.

  • Analysis of the existing drive concept & identification of the required changes
  • Conceptual development of a new drive concept
  • Creation of performance specifications
  • Management of the development process 
  • Verification & validation of the revised vehicle system 
  • Process adjustment to series production
Your future

Our many years of experience in the automotive industry mean that we are very familiar with the specific requirements of both types of drive. We accompany you through the analysis of the existing E/E concept and work with you to identify the changes that need to be made to the vehicle architecture, the control devices and the bus architecture. As such, your past investments have a successful future ahead of them.

  • Identification of the most cost-effective scope of change
  • Coordination of requirements with the client / drive chain supplier / supplier of affected control devices
  • Analysis of statutory or standardised framework conditions (e.g. charging requirements)
  • Development process in accordance with the client’s requirements
  • Documentation and implementation of validation and verification in line with current automotive standards (such as ISO 29119)
  • Documentation and implementation of validation and verification in line with the requirements for the homologation of the vehicle (where required)
  • Incorporation into the existing manufacturing process
  • Adaptation of production processes in line with factory requirements