Connected mobility
Paving the way for new business models

As mobility concepts, drives, and on-board technologies develop, the need for networked solutions advances. CarSharing, fleet management, charging stations and many more aspects can create attractive business models when combined with the right system. ESG MOBILITY has the right level of expertise and experience to ensure successful implementation. We design and optimise IT systems in networked system landscapes – and accompany you through the entire life cycle.

  • Requirements engineering
  • Project management
  • Process management
  • Conception, architecture and design
  • Implementation, documentation and review
  • Integration and test management
  • Software-release management, roll-out management
  • Support, start-up support, on call 24/7
Our experience
Your value

Our long-standing partnership with the automotive industry means that we are extremely familiar with both the system landscape and the high demands of mobility providers. Our cross-phase assistance – from requirements analysis to productive operation support – offers rapid progress as a result.

  • Analysis and preparation of technical and specialist requirements
  • Requirements tracking until implementation is complete
  • Support in testing in accordance with requirements
  • Multi-level coordination of all project phases 
  • Consulting and modelling of business processes
  • Advice on the systemic implementation
  • Creation of the architecture, including a description of the interfaces 
  • Creation of the system design
  • Development and adaptation of systems during implementation
  • Process-compliant documentation of the source code
  • Integration into the existing system world
  • Test coverage across different test types 
  • Planning of software releases and related training
  • Preparation of data sets for start-up phases (migration)
  • Support for the system in productive operation