Classic E/E wiring systems and vehicle communication
Combining technology and cost efficiency

The design of wiring systems – be it data wiring systems/vehicle communications, energy supply systems (12V, 48V, high-voltage) or physical on-board networks/cable harnesses – has a decisive influence on the performance of the automobile and on the associated costs. The demands facing wiring systems are often diverse and contradictory. ESG Mobility finds the best solution to suit all of your requirements.

  • Analyses and specifications for the requirements of wiring systems (data wiring systems, energy supply systems and physical on-board networks)
  • Assessment and wiring system design
  • Testing and validation
  • Support and troubleshooting
  • Documentation
  • Expansion of existing wiring systems
Faster in part
More efficient as a whole

Move into the fast lane – utilise our expertise during the development process. You can commission our engineers to work on individual tasks and entire projects. Thus, you can expand upon your existing skill set and save time for other tasks.

  • Safeguard the functionality and quality of your wiring systems
  • Stick to your time frame and budget for your wiring system development
  • Full support, including variant management, documentation etc.