Classic E/E software development
Solutions that you want

As an experienced systems integrator with an in-depth knowledge of architecture, we speak the language of your system. Even when it comes to typical software and interface developments, for example for remote updates and diagnostics, ESG MOBILITY has something extra up its sleeve for its clients: we design, develop and implement your software solution based on the classic V-model or using alternative agile methods.

  • Defining requirements 
  • Designing software concepts
  • Technical and functional system design 
  • Programming 
  • Integration
  • Testing and validation
  • Approvals
Efficiency from start to finish
With us, it is pre-programmed in us

Use our proven expertise to save time and increase safety: you can hand over entire projects or partial contracts to our software engineering team so that you can integrate complex, functioning software into your overall system more quickly. 

  • Comprehensive requirements concept 
  • System development based on V-model or agile methods
  • Standards compliant and efficient software
  • Embedding in existing frameworks or architectures
  • Ensuring functionality and quality