Classic E/E requirements and concepts
The basis for congenial developments

It applies to electric and electronic vehicle components, and it applies to those involved in vehicle development: everyone must work together to achieve the best solution. With over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, ESG MOBILITY has the perfect foundation for this: we are fully aware of all the relevant standards and are in a position to use these standards, along with customer-specific requirements, to create complete, feasible concepts, as well as catalogues of requirements, and performance and technical specifications.

  • Interdepartmental requirements analyses
  • Develop, expand or supplement concepts
  • Compliance testing
  • Writing performance and technical specifications
  • Creating and saving documentation for all process steps
  • Requirements reviews and quality assurance
Ready-made expertise
Goal-oriented reliability

Everything is easier with common understanding: our many years of experience fills skills and capacity gaps, combines development frameworks with specifics, and uses concrete action plans to convert vehicle concepts into practical developments in E/E. 

  • Expert requirements management
  • Preparation of catalogues of requirements, performance and technical specifications, as well as concepts
  • Ensuring compliance and fulfilment of standards
  • Fulfilment of documentation requirements
  • Ensuring quality standards