Classic E/E integration
The bridge to function-oriented processes

System integration is like building a bridge: once you have realised the overall architecture, you can incorporate new functions and components without endangering the structural analysis. With its well-proven core expertise as a systems integrator and general contractor, ESG Mobility is bridging the gap between component-oriented piecework and fully integrated systems.

  • Transfer of components and functions to sub- and complete systems
  • Cross-process and interactive development for sub- or complete systems
  • Introducing or adapting methods and tools for integration
  • Comprehensive documentation
An overview of the system
A handle on the solution

Benefit from our expertise across the entire E/E value chain. We are your flexible partner for the systems integration of sub-systems or the complete electrical systems and electronics in your vehicle. Our experienced overall vision of the process chain bridges potential capacity bottlenecks and gaps in knowledge, and effectively leads to valid results.

  • Seamlessly integrating components and functions into higher-level systems without errors
  • Transferring architectures to tangible system integration packages
  • Introducing, harmonising and adapting methods and tools for specific tasks
  • Fully complying with documentation requirements