Classic E/E architecture
The blueprint for sub- and complete systems

Technical development is like building a bridge: you can only optimise development without endangering the overall structure if you have an understanding of the entire architecture. With this broad approach, ESG Mobility bridges the gap between component-based, function-oriented and service-oriented architectural development.

  • Transferring concepts to requirements and architectures
  • Developing architectures: logical architectures, functional architectures, hardware and software architectures, service-oriented architectures (SOA)
  • Cross-process and interactive development for sub- or complete systems
  • Introducing or adapting methods and tools for architectural development
  • Comprehensive documentation
Everything in view
A hand on every detail

Benefit from our expertise across the entire E/E value chain. From the concept to the tested architecture, we offer flexibility for sub-areas or general functionality. Our experience in looking at the process chain as a whole quickly leads to effective results.

  • Transforming vehicle concepts into tangible E/E services
  • Introducing, harmonising and adapting methods and tools for specific tasks
  • Fully complying with documentation requirements