Virtual safeguarding xIL
Efficient maturity testing using virtual test kilometres

At the present time, an autonomous vehicle must complete around 25 million test kilometres before it is ready for launch. Achieving this in a conventional way is simply not practical. Testing in a virtual environment is the only realistic alternative. We collect all the necessary empirical values required to validate your system in an automated, efficient and cost-effective way.

  • Drawing up of model-based specifications
  • Drawing up of test case specifications
  • Test automation
  • Specification and creation of test environments
  • Development of environment models
  • Testing
  • Tools: PTC Modeler, IPG CarMaker, ECU Test
Earlier to start
Earlier to finish

With Model-in-the-Loop, Software-in-the-Loop, Hardware-in-the-Loop and the intelligent evaluation of test results using data analytics, we can keep you up-to-date regarding the latest version of your system from an early stage in vehicle development and can optimise the quality accordingly.

  • Early, continuous safeguarding of AD functions 
  • Hardware independence through virtual test environments
  • Continuous feedback about the maturity status of the software