Perception & prediction
Our upgrade for your existing system

We are pursuing autonomous driving functions to perceive and predict the environment using both classic approaches and artificial intelligence (AI). Thanks to almost 10 years of experience, including through the research of in-house developments, ESG MOBILITY provides support combined with ground-breaking, cutting-edge expertise. Do you want to integrate perceptive and predictive driving functions into existing architectures? We accompany you from concept creation to launch.

  • Planning and execution of integration tests
  • Architecture consulting including sensor evaluation and split function
  • Solutions for your specific needs
10 years of experience in computer vision
We use it to provide safe results

Our many years of experience allows us to use different algorithms for environment perception (object detection, tracking, recognition) and to create an environment model (sensor fusion). Furthermore, we have an in-depth knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the sensors available on the market and apply our decision-making expertise for split function both on- and off-board. Thus, we facilitate rapid prototyping, which quickly provides usable results. 

  • Effective safeguarding of functionality
  • Minimised testing, and clarity regarding the set of sensors (price-performance ratio)
  • Integration of new functions in existing architectures
  • End-to-end consideration of the envisaged function