MBSE – model-based software development
For fast-switching systems

Software solutions for embedded systems must be able to process data in milliseconds. We used model-based software development to cut out long response times. Our processes – which have been tried and tested over many years in the aviation and automotive industries – combine with our simulation expertise and the use of reusable software components to ensure short development cycles. Thus, you receive a validated system quickly, which takes all aspects of functional safety into account. 

  • Requirements definition with concept development
  • Implementation and simulation of the concepts 
  • Integration of the functions into the vehicle 
Visions for the future of mobility
We are shaping them today

With ESG MOBILITY, advancements in autonomous driving progress just as quickly as the software developments. Put your trust in a strong partner who is already successfully shaping the future vision for mobility. And our passionate engineers love to grow with each new challenge.

Our portfolio:
  • Development of a built-in cruise control for long-haul HGVs for energy-efficient, automated linear guidance
  • Platooning basic development – linear control & status coordination
  • Prototyping safety controller for platooning
  • Automated driverless safety vehicle for roadworks on motorways